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Recovering From An Auto Injury?

Recovering from any injury can be a difficult and painful process, but auto injuries can be some of the worst injuries during recovery. Because of the mental and physical trauma of an auto accident, the lasting effects can be severe, with injuries and residual tension lasting for months, even years, afterward. While medical doctors would be quick to proscribe pain relief medication, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and even recommend surgery, you should consider the benefits of natural pain relief, and injury treatment methods such as chiropractic care, before making any decisions about invasive surgeries or medications you’ll have to take daily until your pain goes away – if it goes away.


Insurance Usually Covers All Your Care

Our Staff will work with your attorney (and help find you a good one if you need it) and insurance to manage your bill. We work with many local attorneys and insurance companies to take care of the stress of the financial side of your care. In most cases we can work with the team of lawyers and insurance companies provide you with the care you need.

Car Accident Chiropractors

Chiropractic care has the benefits of being a versatile, simple, and effective means of injury treatment, and chiropractic auto injury treatment is becoming more popular and widely recognized every day. As chiropractic care is an insurance-approved means of auto injury treatment, chiropractic is an insurance-approved treatment option for drivers in Georgia, a no-fault state where your insurance will cover you for your chiropractic auto injury treatment. With spinal adjustments intended to realign your vertebrae and extremity adjustments to help relieve tension in areas of your body that were traumatized and injured in your accident, you’ll be sure to be living pain-free once our chiropractors have seen the extent of your auto injuries and developed a treatment plan.

Common Auto Injury Symptoms

Following an auto accident, be sure to check for any injuries. Any new pains, added tension, or discomfort could be symptoms of an auto accident injury. Look out for:

-whiplash symptoms

-concussion symptoms or headaches

-pain, tingling, numbess, and stiffness anywhere in your body

-uncharacteristic trouble sleeping or fatigue

-vertigo, dizziness, and disorientation

-blurred vision

-ringing in the ears



Recognizing Symptoms of Whiplash, a Common Auto Accident Injury

One of the most common auto injury accidents is known as whiplash, an injury that can be sustained at any time. Whiplash is especially prevalent in auto injury patients simply because of the way that whiplash occurs. During an auto accident, your body is moving forward at the speed of your vehicle, so when you stop suddenly, your vehicle stops moving, but you don’t. That means that while your body is restrained by your seatbelt to keep you from flying forward during an auto accident, your head is still able to move freely, often away from your body. Whiplash is caused when your head and neck are thrown quickly away from your body, straining your neck, shoulders, and upper and lower back. When this happens, you’ll likely feel a surge of pain and then a release, which could leave you thinking that you’re perfectly fine. However, if you’re sustained a whiplash injury, you should seek immediate chiropractic treatment.

Whiplash can cause a plethora of negative side effects, which are not limited only to neck pain, though that is one of the most common symptoms of whiplash. You could be experiencing pain to varying degrees, including shooting pains, stabbing pains, aching, throbbing, and even numbness. All of these feelings could be spread out through your upper body, affecting as little as the base of your neck and as much as your lower and upper back, shoulders, and arms. In extreme cases of whiplash, where a nerve is pinched or your vertebrae are misaligned, chiropractic care and massage therapy are the only auto accident treatments that will help return normal circulation, release nerve tension, realign your vertebrae, and help you heal completely. If you’re not sure that you have whiplash, don’t wait to get checked out and let your injury progress; symptoms can lie dormant for months without you realizing that the slight daily neck pain you have was caused by an auto injury that went untreated.

If you’re in need of auto injury treatment for whiplash or any other injury or symptoms, contact Elberton Family Chiropractic immediately to set up an appointment. Call us at 706-213-7246 to find out your auto injury treatment options and begin your chiropractic care and massage therapy auto injury treatment plan.